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Who we are
Data experts with a banking background.

We believe in high-quality data as the key to risk management and a competitive edge in the financial sector. Our specialization lies in collecting, organizing, and enhancing complex data.

We believe that rule-based and high-quality data are essential for effective risk management and gaining a competitive advantage.

Curious and enterprising

Capstonians are unusual thinkers, careful doers. We like the phenomenon risk, entrepreneurship takes you through life and brings innovation, solutions to old problems. It gives you wisdom, wealth and well-being.

Surprising, successful results

We think the environment in which we work is important, we respect culture. Even if changes take place in those cultures. We adapt and innovate, connecting the unknown with the familiar and helping you to develop. Our finest hour.

Social impact

Lending is a necessity for the economy, but can have an unintended impact. Too big to fail? Our work is not only relevant for a bank and its customers, but also contributes to the stability of the Dutch and European economy.

What we do
We solve complex data issues.

We advise, execute and guide in organizing and mastering your data.
For example, in projects such as:

  • Historical and empirical data remediation for model redevelopment.
  • Data-driven default (re)assessment for financial and regulatory reporting.
  • Loan tape preparation and quality improvements.
  • System of records improvement.
  • Data capturing and data quality assessment for credit risk decision-making.


We tackle complex data challenges.

As data experts with a banking background, we focus on mastering complex data within large institutions. Our approach is based on the principle of "show, do together, do it yourself." This way, we ensure the knowledge and expertise needed to address complex issues are safeguarded.

The promise

A realistic and structural solution to your lending issue, which is effective and enthusiastically received.

Working at Capstone Advisory is developing as a professional and as a person

Our people are enthusiastic and work smart with drive.

At Capstone Advisory you will have every opportunity to develop into the professional you want to become. Data, banker, change agent, strategist or...?

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You have a number of years of experience in lending and / or ICT and data, change management. You like new issues all the time and find it important to develop yourself. Above all, you want to help others become better. This is the profession of consultant and the people at Capstone Advisory: Capstonians, different, logical, linguistic and intuitive, individuals and teammates, willing to learn by taking risks and experimenting. Able to help others and to develop and renew organizations.

Our vacancies:

  • Financial Risk Advisor
  • Senior Financial Risk Advisor

Shared insights, invitation to wisdom.

Reflections on projects provide insights that we are happy to share with you. They will help you, if all goes well. If not: we are happy to help you.

Visit us at the next GCD conference (October 9-10, 2023), which will be hosted by ING at its headquarters in Amsterdam. Two days of best practice discussions and expert presentations between top level credit risk managers and managers.

Wisam Al-Zabari and Dirk van der Acker of Capstone Advisory are key note speakers at this conference, lecturing:

"Bridging the gap from rule based to principle based"
Data-driven risk management in the Dutch market

Other topics:

  • Successful demonstrations of risk modelling by leading international banks.
  • Leading credit risk professionals offer actionable insights.
  • Latest advice from regulators.
  • In-depth peer-to-peer discussions on challenging aspects of risk management.
  • Latest analyses from the GCD databases (LGD-EaD and PD), the world's largest bank loan databases.

Check out the new conference website for the agenda, speakers and all event information!

GCD European Conference

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